Fossil Diggers VR awarded an Unreal Dev Grant and dev update

March 19, 2019
Alex Stevens

Unreal Dev Grant

Fossil Diggers VR has been selected for an Unreal Dev Grant!

Being an indie is tough, especially while working on your first title. There are many costs associated, and sometimes there's just too much for a small team to do by themselves...

That's why initiatives like Epic Games' Unreal Dev Grants make such a difference to independent developers. If you can, send Epic some love, they've been doing some great things for the Unreal Engine indie community.

We're super grateful to be a recipient, and we can't wait to show off more of our game to the public. Speaking of...

Dev Update

We've been relatively silent on our official channels, but fear not, we've been hard at work for the last couple of months. Much of which has been twiddling knobs, making things look pretty, and generally cleaning up systems to make the game scale from low to high end hardware! If you want to see a little more of the raw behind the scenes work, follow myself and Sean Gobey on Twitter (warning: mostly nerdy tweets).

Don't forget to join us on our Discord server, and also follow us on Twitter for upcoming news.

Here's a short dev update video on the game, which shows off some of our core gameplay mechanics:

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